Sonic Herts Festival 2019


Sonic Herts is the University of Hertfordshire’s annual music festival run by students and staff and open to all. The programme offers an exhilarating mix of performances ranging from classical to experimental, from acoustic to electronic, from familiar to decidedly outlandish, the only requirement being a commitment to quality and artistic value.

Highlights for this year’s edition include: Tipping Point, a work on environmental awareness and social responsibility by Café Reason Butoh Dance Theatre; Materiality, a piece exploring sonic sculptures and electronic processes by Vicky Clarke, an artist associated to SONA, an organisation devoted to supporting women in music and sound technology; Newanderthals, a world-fusion band interweaving the musical language of three continents into a universal tune; Appolonie & Braceman, presenting an unorthodox blend of soulful RnB and gritty Grime, as well as a wide range of student performances.


7 – 17 May 2019


Various – see full programme


All events are hosted at the University of Hertfordshire. Please see the full programme for details.